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Obituary for Clement Shepherd

Clement Shepherd
April 7, 1929-December 30, 2022
Clement Herman Shepherd was born on April 7, 1929 to the late Isaac and Emily
Voitier-Shepherd in the Panama Canal Zone area. As the youngest boy and the fourth of
five children, Ferdinand, Calvin, Zola and Lorina, Clement was the last surviving sibling
in his family.
At a young age Clement hoped to become a professional baseball player in Cuba, but in
1951 when his eldest brother Ferdinand extended an opportunity for him to come to the
United States, he came along. Though he proudly proclaimed he never wanted to come to
this country, once here, Clement worked hard to establish a life for himself working
various civil service positions. As an adult, he graduated from his childhood paperboy job
to working for the US Post Office. He then went on to work for the MTA - first as a bus
driver, then as a subway conductor and finally as a motorman. In these positions he
became accustomed to working late hours. This nocturnal schedule was one he upheld for
the rest of his life even after retirement.
Clement loved sports, especially baseball, music and most importantly learning. He
would often have some piece of literature in hand whether it be a book, a magazine
clipping, or the day’s newspaper. Clem would often keep abreast with world events by
watching the news and listening to the radio well into the night.
Clem loved taking chances, often believing that there was no need to get “worked up” as
life would always work out as it should be. As a devoted father and grandpa, he was
always there when someone needed him. This same devotion was extended to his church
family and the people he met throughout his life. For many years he served as an usher,
lector and member of the Men in Mission at The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. After
services and during his free time he would often look for any opportunity to start up a
conversation with someone over a cup of coffee. He was a man of faith and family
holidays will not be the same without his thoughtful albeit lengthy prayers.
Clement is survived by his wife, Zennetha with whom he shared 55 years of marriage. He
also leaves behind his son, Richard, his daughter, Vielka and his grandchildren: Janice
Britton, Monica Harris (11/08/19+), Nicolette Currence, Michael King, Lauren
Philogene, Richard King and Danielle Smithson. He is also remembered in love by his
thirteen great grandchildren, his nieces, nephews, cousins, relatives and countless family
May he forever rest in God’s loving care.